Berlin 17.06.2022


Andreas Schmeling (Münster, Germany): Introduction

Ernst Rudolf (Attnang-Puchheim, Austria): Some results of asylum-related medical age assessments in Austria

Magdalini Tozakidou, Jochen Hermann, Eilin Jopp-van Well (Hamburg, Germany): CT of the medial clavicular epiphysis for forensic age assessment: hands up?

Oguzhan Ekizoglu, Ali Er, Hocaoglu E, Mustafa Bozdag, Negahnaz Moghaddam, Silke Grabherr (Tepecik, Turkey; Geneva, Switzerland): Forensic age estimation by magnetic resonance imaging of the knee: using T2-weighted spoiled gradient echo sequences

Daniel Wittschieber, Natia Chitavishvili, Ismini Papageorgiou, Ansgar Malich, Gita Mall, Hans-Joachim Mentzel (Jena, Germany): Magnetic resonance imaging of the proximal tibial epiphysis: a validation study

Christian Ottow, Sven Schmidt, Ronald Schulz, Lukas Sottmann, Walter Heindel, Tobias Krähling, Heidi Pfeiffer, Volker Vieth, Andreas Schmeling (Münster, Germany): Forensic age assessment by means of low-field MRI

Hilja Hoevenberg, Grit Schüler (Berlin, Germany) What evidence do photographs and video recordings have for forensic age estimation? – Reflections based on two case studies

Håvard Aanes (Oslo, Norway): A novel algorithm for age assessment of adolescents and young adults by DNA methylation

Cristiana Palmela Pereira (Lisbon, Portugal): Research Group FORENSEMED and Research Center for Statistical and Application (CEAUL) from University of Lisbon: Dental Age Assessment

Laurin Steffens, Jens Borkert, Denis Shay, Andreas Schmeling, Maximilian Timme (Münster, Germany): On the applicability of the dental method of Roberts et al. from 2016 for verification of completion of 18 years of age in living persons

Mai Britt Bjørk, Sigrid I. Kvaal, Øyvind Bleka, Tomas Sakinis, Frode A. Tuvnes, Peter Mæhre Lauritzen, Mari-Ann Haugland, Heidi Beate Eggesbø (Oslo, Norway): MRI segmentation of 3rd molar tooth tissue volumes to predict age older than 18 years in sub-adults

Maximilian Timme, Jens Borkert, Nina Nagelmann, Adam Streeter, André Karch, Andreas Schmeling (Münster, Germany). Age-dependent decrease in dental pulp cavity volume as a feature for age assessment: a comparative in vitro study using 9.4-T UTE-MRI and CBCT 3D imaging

Andreas Schmeling (Münster, Germany): Analysis of the 20th proficiency test


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