Berlin 17.03.2017


Mörnstad H (Båstad, Sweden)
The state of age estimation of unaccompanied minors in Sweden.

Sandman L (Linköping, Sweden)
Ethical analysis of medical age assessment in the Swedish context.

Metsäniitty M (Helsinki, Finland)
Forensic age assessment of asylum seekers in Finland.

Tsiklakis K, Karayianni K, Mitsea A (Athens, Greece)
Forensic age estimation of the living in Greece.

Karayianni K, Mitsea A, Yfanti Z, Tsiklakis K (Athens, Greece)
Radiographic methods for dental age estimation in adults. A systematic review.

Mitsea A, Karayianni K, Kalfoutzos G, Tsiklakis K (Athens, Greece)
Dental age estimation methods based on radiographic evaluation of 3rd molars. A systematic review.

Kvaal S (Oslo, Norway)
Variation in third molar development at the age of 18 years.

Liversidge H (London, UK)
Age estimation and the periodontal ligament of M3.

De Tobel J, de Haas M, Thevissen P, Verstraete K (Gent, Leuven, Belgium; Den Haag, The Netherlands)
Forensic age estimation based on T1 SE and VIBE wrist MRI sequences: opposite or complementary?

Auf der Mauer M, Stanczus B, Jopp-van Well E, Säring D (Hamburg, Germany)
Development of a software for the automatic analysis of 3D Knee MR images for forensic age assessment.

Štern D, Urschler M (Graz, Austria)
Automatic multi-factorial age estimation from MRI.

Thodberg HH (Holte, Denmark)
The role of Bayes’ theorem in age assessment based on hand bone age and third molar development (dental age), illustrated with data from automated bone age assessment.

Gelbrich G (Würzburg, Germany)
Forever seventeen? - A critical discussion of most recent opinions and practices regarding claimed age of minority.

de Haas M (Den Haag, The Netherlands)
The need for cooperation between policy makers and scientists.

Dapena Vilarino M (Malta) [PDF] Presentation
EASO activities on age assessment.

Lira V, Dogariou C, Hackman L, Black S (Dundee, UK; Bucharest, Romania) [PDF] Abstract
Age estimation of a Roma Romanian population using the Thiemann et al. (2006) atlas.

Schmeling A (Münster, Germany)
Analysis of the 15th proficiency test.

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