Berlin 13.03.2020


Rudolf E, Kramer J, Winkler I, Schumacher G, Löschner J, Schmeling A (Attnang-Puchheim, Jennersdorf, Austria; Ispra, Italy; Münster, Germany): On the CT atlas “Morphologies of the Medial Clavicle”.

Hartmann K, Fix C, Yayciolu S, Horres R, Verhoff MA, Amendt J, Zehner R (Frankfurt am Main, Germany): Identification of mRNA- and DNA methylation markers for age estimation of living persons by MPS techniques.

Trübner K, Trübner M, Werner M, Pfeifer M, Schweiger B (Essen, Germany): The situation of age estimation in Essen: an analysis.

Hagen M, Schmidt S, Schulz R, Vieth V, Ottow C, Olze A, Pfeiffer H, Schmeling A (Münster, Germany): Forensic age assessment of living adolescents and young adults at the Institute of Legal Medicine Münster from 2009 to 2018.

Zuppello M, Hackman L, Black SM (Dundee, Lancaster, UK): Development of the distal end of the femur: a novel methodology for the analysis and data visualization of T1 weighted MRIs of the distal end of the femur for age estimation in the living purposes.

Ottow C, Schmidt S, Pfeiffer H, Heindel W, Buerke B, Schmeling A, Vieth V (Münster, Germany): Forensic age assessment by 3.0T MRI of the wrist. Adaption of the Vieth-classification.

Liversidge H, Tan WX (London, UK): Which tooth is best to estimate age using the London Atlas?

Schmeling A (Münster, Germany): Analysis of the 18th proficiency test.

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