Berlin 14.03.2014

Programm und Abstracts

A. Schmeling (Münster, Germany)

A. Schmeling (Münster, Germany)
Analysis of the 12th proficiency test

F. Mayer F, T. Arent, G. Geserick, C. Grundmann, U. Lockemann, T. Riepert, A. Schmeling, St. Ritz-Timme (Germany)
Age estimation based on pictures and videos presumably showing child or youth pornography

L. Hackman, C. Davies, S. Black (Dundee, UK)
The role of epiphyseal scars in skeletal age estimation

S. Oldfield, H. Liversidge (London, UK)
The human dentition around birth

H. Liversidge (London, UK)
Transitional analysis and age estimation.

Pujol Robinat, H. Martínez Alcazar, A. Badía García, A. Xifró Collsamata, C. Vidal Gutiérrez, J. Medallo Muñiz (Barcelona, Spain)
Expert reports on the forensic age estimation in living individuals in Barcelona (2011-2013)

E. Rudolf (Attnang-Puchheim, Austria)
Age assessment of asylum seekers with questionable minority declaration concerning differentiation along the 17th birthday

P. Saint Martin (Toulouse, France)
Evaluation of an automatic method for forensic age estimation by MRI of the distal tibial epiphysis

Ottow, J.A. Krämer, A. Olze, S. Schmidt, R. Schulz, D. Wittschieber, H. Pfeiffer, V. Vieth, A. Schmeling (Münster, Berlin, Germany)
Age estimation in unaccompanied minors by means of MRI

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