Berlin 15.03.2013

Programm und Abstracts

G. Geserick (Berlin, Germany

A. Schmeling (Münster, Germany)
Analysis of the 11th proficiency test

G. Ersoy (Istanbul, Turkey)
Practice of age estimation in living individuals in Turkey

E. Rudolf (Attnang-Puchheim, Austria)
Age differentiation of adolescent refugees within the Austrian asylum system

J. Remus (Berlin, Germany)
Age assessment as a tool for unaccompanied refugees minors: in the interest of the child?

G.J. Roberts et al. (London, United Kingdom)
Weighted and weighted average of age at attainment of tooth development stages in young children

L. Hackman (Dundee, United Kingdom)
Four Skeletal methods of age estimation

P. Saint Martin et al. (Toulouse, France)
Age estimation by magnetic resonance imaging of the distal tibial epiphysis and the calcaneum

J. Krämer et al. (Münster, Germany)
Magnetic resonance imaging of the knee for the purpose of forensic age diagnostics in living individuals

D. Wittschieber et al. (Münster, Germany)
The iliac crest apophysis in forensic age diagnostics of living individuals: fundamental research by means of pelvic radiography

D. Gibelli et al. (Milan, Italy)
Age estimation on 2D images: application of the metrical approach for ascertainment of age in cases of suspected juvenile pornography

H. Liversidge (London, United Kingdom)
Controversies in dental age estimation

N. Aksu (Düsseldorf, Germany)
Age estimation based on aspartic acid racemization in dentin – influence of dentin caries.

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