Berlin 16.03.2012

Programm und Abstracts

G. Geserick (Berlin, Germany

A. Schmeling (Münster, Germany)
Analysis of the 10th proficiency test

E. Hillewig, M. Piette, K. Verstraete (Ghent, Belgium)
Magnetic resonance imaging of the sternal extremity of the clavicle in forensic age estimation: A reference study

F. Dedouit, J. Auriol, H. Rousseau, D. Rougé, E. Crubézy, N. Telmon (Toulouse, France)
Age assessment by magnetic resonance imaging of the knee: A preliminary study

V. Vieth, S. Schmidt, R. Schulz, D. Wittschieber, J. Dvorak, A. Junge, A. Schmeling (Münster, Germany; Zurich, Switzerland)
Age assessment for U-20 football players using MRI of wrist, pelvis and clavicle

H. Liversidge (London, Great Britain)
Global similarities in tooth formation

J. Hertel, R. Schulz, T. Wierer, A. Schmeling, A. Olze (Berlin, Münster, Germany)
Radiographic evaluation of Gustafson's criteria for the purpose of forensic age diagnostics

S. Kvaal (Oslo, Norway)
Simultaneous determination of dental and skeletal age in a sample of 1,400 asylum seekers

P. Thevissen, D. Galiti, G. Willems (Leuven, Belgium)
Dental Age Estimation: Combining Developmental and Morphological Age Predictors

C. Weyermann, T. Uldin, M. Gallidabino, S. De Froidmont, P. Mangin, A. Schmeling (Lausanne, Switzerland; Münster, Germany)
A Bayesian approach to interpret the data

T. Solheim (Oslo, Norway)
Quality assurance in age estimation and the IOFOS recommendations

P.M. Garamendi, R. Bañón, A. Pujol, F. Aguado, M.I. Landa, J.L. Prieto, F. Serrulla (Huelva, Murcia, Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
Spanish better practice manual on recommendations for age estimation in foreign unaccompained living minors. Consensus document of Spanish Legal Medicine Institute

D. Wittschieber, M. Küppers, V. Vieth, S. Schmidt, H. Pfeiffer, A. Schmeling (Münster, Germany)
Sources of error in the evaluation of the medial clavicular epiphysis for forensic age diagnostics: A prospective study

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