Berlin 18.03.2011

Programm und Abstracts

G. Geserick (Berlin, Germany

A. Schmeling (Münster, Germany)
Analysis of the 10th proficiency test

B. Knell (Zurich, Switzerland)
Influence of impaction on third molar mineralisation

E. Rudolf (Attnang-Puchheim, Austria)
Asylum-related Age Assessment in Austria 1998 - 2010

L. Hackman (Dundee, Great Britain)
A comparison of the accuracy of right hand/wrist radiographs and left hand/wrist radiographs for age assessment in the living

A. Mitsea, K. Karayianni (Athens, Greece)
Forensic age estimation in living subjects: the Forensic Odontology unit Dental School of Athens experience

R. J Simões, I.M. Caldas, T. Magalhães, A. Afonso, E. Matos (Porto, Coimbra, Portugal)
Third molar mineralization: a study in a Portuguese Populatio

P. Thevissen (Leuven, Belgium)
Dental age estimation based on third molars development: a Baeysian approach

H. Cardoso, M Andrade (Lisbon, Porto, Portugal)
Problems associated with the use of mean age at a maturational stage for estimating age

H. Liversidge (London, Great Britain)
Can we improve our methods of estimating age from developing teeth?

J. Hertel, R. Schulz, A. Schmeling, A. Olze (Berlin, Münster, Germany)
Secondary dentine formation as an indicator of age

E. Hillewig (Ghent, Belgium)
MRI of the medial extremity of the clavicle in forensic bone age estimation

R. Schulz (Münster, Germany)
Ultrasound studies on age dependency of epiphyseal ossification of the distal fibula

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